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Online Submission Form for Comparing Party Platforms

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As the main political party conventions are being televised, take some time to investigate what the parties stand for. This can be done by reviewing and comparing the Party Platform statements crafted and published by the party organizations. Review the worksheet guidelines below and then type your answers into this online form. You may then submit your thoughts back to Election Central headquarters. We’ll review any submissions and we will try to use your thoughts in a future post on the topic.

Party Platform Worksheet Form

  • Classroom Connection: Comparing Party Platforms

    During an election year, the political parties gather to formally nominate their chosen candidate for the general election. But that is not all that happens at national party conventions. Party delegates from each state meet and discuss political priorities with national leaders. And from all of these negotiations, a "party platform" is devised.This platform is a broad statement of what the goals and ideals of the party will be for the future.

    Do some online research to discover the main platform statements of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Green Party.

  • What Do You Think?

    Carefully watch the debate and then use the following questions to take notes about your impressions of the event.
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