Election 2020 Update
What is the latest election results news?
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Election 2020 Update

Two weeks after Election Day 2020, some states are still finishing up their counts. Other races are still too close to call, and there are two runoff races in Georgia to determine which political party will take control of the Senate. Meanwhile, President Trump refuses to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden. Here, Election Central takes a closer look at some of what’s happening right now.

Biden Projected the Winner

Two weeks after the official ballot counting began, much more has been decided. Out of the states that remained uncertain when the presidential results were announced on Saturday November 7, Alaska and North Carolina were called for President Trump. Nevada and Arizona were called for Biden. Media outlets such as CNN have called Georgia for Biden as well. Fox News hasn’t yet counted Georgia officially for Biden, but both CNN and Fox News show Biden with a clear lead in the state. In either case, Joe Biden has crossed the 270 minimum Electoral College votes to be projected as the winner.

Trump Refuses to Concede

The Trump campaign is challenging the outcome of the elections in several key states. In Pennsylvania–the state that decided Biden’s victory–Trump has filed a lawsuit several lawsuits. One claimed that poll observers didn’t have adequate access to watch the votes being counted. Another lawsuit is trying to have all mail-in ballots received after Election Day thrown out. The president has filed lawsuits in several states where the vote was close. Many of these lawsuits have been dismissed. But then new lawsuits have followed. In Nevada, the Trump campaign is suing with a claim that thousands of people who had moved out of the state still voted there. But under Nevada law, people who move away up to thirty days before an election can still vote in the state.

So What’s Happening Now?

President Trump’s refusal to concede is preventing a smooth transition of power. For example, Trump is not allowing President-elect Biden to receive high-level security briefings. Last Thursday, more than 150 national security officials sent a letter urging the Trump team to recognize Biden and Harris as the winners of the election, and to award them the necessary security clearances. This group includes several former Trump administration officials, as well as retired Republican and Democratic lawmakers and security advisers. Some Senate Republicans have also expressed the desire for Biden to begin receiving the critical briefings as a matter of national security.

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