Mike Pence’s “Freedom Agenda”
Former vice president Mike Pence has publicized his new "Freedom Agenda."

Mike Pence’s “Freedom Agenda”

On March 31, 2022, former Vice President Mike Pence rolled out a new 25-point conservative policy platform that will likely serve as a guideline for Republican candidates in 2022. As a former congressperson and governor as well as VP, Pence has developed many of these policy positions over the course of his entire career. He introduced the plan by arguing that conservatives need to stop looking backward, and instead be bold and optimistic about the future. The Freedom Plan is divided into three parts: “American Opportunity,” “American Leadership,” and “American Freedom.” Here, Election Central takes a closer look at some of the key points. 

The Economy: “American Opportunity” 

The backbone of Pence’s plan to improve the American economy is lowering taxes. In addition to widespread tax cuts and ending tax breaks for special interest groups, the plan calls for slashing federal spending and emphasizing American manufacturing and energy production. It also supports pursuing “fairer” trade agreements. 

Foreign Policy: “American Leadership” 

In the plan, Pence calls for a hefty military and cybermilitary buildup to help the United States keep powers like China and Russia in check. To reduce dependence on Russia’s oil, the Freedom Plan calls for the development of private-sector-led energy production in the United States. He also holds China responsible for unleashing COVID-19 and demands that it develop a plan to pay the rest of the world back for expenses associated with the disease. The plan also calls for strengthening ties with Israel, and for completing the wall along the U.S. southern border with Mexico. 

Social Issues: “American Freedom” 

The Freedom Plan is also focused on several controversial social and political issues, starting with school policies. Pence supports eliminating the Department of Education altogether and instead using that money to fund grants to individual states. He calls for promoting “patriotic” education. This promotes school choice, bans the teaching of “critical race theory,” and tests students more heavily on their knowledge of the founding documents of the United States.  

 The plan also demands an end to federal funding for abortion, even though the 1976 Hyde Amendment prevents federal funds from being used for abortion except in life-threatening circumstances. Pence’s plan also calls for ending any U.S. aid to other countries that would go toward abortion care.  

Pence’s plan also asks for a restriction of LGBTQ rights. He wishes to eliminate the participation of transgender athletes in sports and prevent same-sex couples from adopting children. 

Pence has distanced himself from Trump’s claims of election fraud during the 2020 presidential election. But the Freedom Plan wants to ensure “election integrity” with an emphasis on in-person voting. He wants mail-in voting to be used only rarely and under special circumstances. Pence calls for restricting early in-person voting to no more than ten days before an election and insists on mandatory voter ID at the polls. 

What Do You Think? Select one aspect of Pence’s Freedom Agenda that you agree or disagree with and respectfully explain your position. 
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