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Online Submission Form for Analyzing Debates

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After viewing the televised debate, type your answers into this online form and submit it back to Election Central headquarters. We’ll review any submissions and maybe will use the information in a future post on the topic.

Analyzing Debates Worksheet Form

  • Classroom Connection: Analyzing Debates

    One of the key components of any election campaign are the debates. These events are sometimes televised and provide an opportunity for the media--and sometimes audience participants--to ask direct questions to candidates about important political issues.

    These debates, however, are often governed by rules. Candidates have time limits on their answers. Each debate is usually focused on a particular set of themes such as domestic issues, foreign policy, or economics. Think critically about what you are hearing when you watch a debate. Does the candidate return to a central theme in their answers? Do they evade the question? Can you identify if someone "won" the debate?

  • What Do You Think?

    Carefully watch the debate and then use the following questions to take notes about your impressions of the event.
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